Chris Salizzoni – Principal, Capital Real Estate Advisors
As a principal of Capital Real Estate Advisors, Chris Salizzoni is responsible for the growth and direction of the company, as well as for ensuring continued excellence in service and results for its clients. His core business is centered in tenant and landlord representation in the acquisition and disposition of office space. Chris’ role involves strategic planning, financial analysis and due diligence to ensure success for the prominent clients he represents.

Prior to forming Capital Real Estate Advisors he served as Executive Vice President at A.C. Lawrence Real Estate, and as Vice President of Century 21 NY Metro’s Commercial Division. He enjoys a reputation as an accomplished and sought-after tenant advocate, having worked with such notable clients as Sharp Entertainment, Original Media, YouVisit, Matador Content, Jingle Punks, Bajibot, Post Office Media, iConcept Media, Running Man Post, Social Feet, Northlight Financial, Geren Ford, Joseph Pell Lombardi Architects, Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, EVC Group and The Higher Gear Group.

Mike Ferri
Mike understands the value of hard work, and knows when to take risks to achieve the best result. He prides himself on always being available for his clients and constantly scouring the market for new opportunities. A true NYC real estate sales and leasing professional, he brings personal experience to the table. Having developed and renovated homes, purchased and sold commercial and residential land and properties. Though My expertise and knowledge comes success for my clients seeking optimal service and value. His personality, professionalism and ethical approach set him apart as a consummate real estate advisor.

Brian G. Bey
Brian G. Bey has more than 18 years of experience representing commercial tenants throughout New York City.  Brian core focus is tenants looking for 1,000 to 25,000 sq., He has developed long lasting relationships with landlords and agents from Harlem to the Financial District.

Clients enjoy working with Brian, as he’s able to translate the commercial real estate vernacular to plain English. He’s able to stream line the office search process by identifying his tenant’s unique needs and pin pointing the perfect new office.  Brian has experience representing firms across all industries from financial services, technology, marketing branding, entertainment, insurance, attorney to nonprofits.

Brian’s team is ready to assist offering client’s quick reliable service from their initial contact to a closed transaction.

The Big Word,  INVNT, Code and Theory, Argyle Executive Forum, Barrel, Lerpercq, de Neuflize & Co., B-Reel, Try The World,  New Israel Fund, Grimble & LoGuidice are all companies who have recommended Brian for his tenacity and consummate professionalism.

Lily Lin
Lily specializes in New York City commercial real estate including office and retail leasing in Mid and Downtown Manhattan, as well as the purchase and sale of investment properties throughout New York.

Lily’s specialty is catering to all kinds investors, especially Asian investors whom she has a natural affinity with. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or invest in property in New York, Lily’s expertise provides clients with real estate opportunities that best meet their needs, goals and affordability.

Lily’s passion for and knowledge of New York commercial real estate has enabled her to gain trust and confidence with her clients, as has her pleasing personality.

Lily’s goal is for every client is to experience “excellence” when dealing with her, as excellence for Lily is an attitude, showing that she cares about her clients, and an unrelenting commitment to get the real estate that best meets their needs. Lily meets every challenge with a positive attitude combined with reliability, honesty, integrity and dedication in order to efficiently and effectively execute all dealings and contracts. “I have applied my concept of excellence in every aspect of my life,” says Lily, “from achieving my Bachelor of Arts, MBA; and most importantly to learning all about New York commercial real estate in order to best serve my clients needs.

Prior to working in commercial real estate, Lily worked as a stockbroker on the Hang Seng Stock Exchange and also in the successful launch of start-up online businesses in London and New York.

Lily Lin earned a Bachelor degree in Accounting at the University of ZhangJiang, in China and an MBA in marketing from the University Of London, England.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Jean Bates
Jean has many years of Commercial Real Estate experience. She is one of the longest tenured Brokers on staff and can handle any size client and/or space thrown her way. Examples of this are seen in her last few deals that she has brokered. Jean found spaces for an Advertising Fashion, London based Headhunter, and Publishing company. The size of these spaces range from 2500sq/ft to as big as 10,000sq/ft. Her tenacity is what sets her apart from the competition.

Ilene Merlis
Prior to joining CREA Ilene spent 18 years with the Helmsley Organization (Hemsley-Spear and Helmsley-Noyes), where she was involved in all aspects of Commercial Real Estate. In her last position as Managing and Leasing Director for one of Helmsley’s Class A properties, she was responsible for all leasing activity as well as managing day-to-day operations. Having been a Landlord’s representative, Ilene has added insight of how to successfully negotiate and close a deal for her current clients. Additionally she has strong ties and relationships with the entire brokerage community.

Ilene began her business career in Public Relations. She worked at two large Public Relations firms where she was involved with a diversified group of clients ranging from business services to fashion. She is honest and straight forward with her clients and continues to show her drive and dedication on a daily basis. Ilene is one of those rare individuals who was born, raised and educated in Manhattan where she continues to reside.

Haim Vinik
With a Bachelors degree in Electronics/Telecommunications and the experience of owning an electronics firm for 25 years, Haim is well suited to advise on any technology related office requirement. Haim is multi lingual and is fluent in 6 languages, English, Hebrew, and Russian. Outside of the office Haim is an avid chess and tennis player. He has been involved in various real estate projects for the past 20 years and is one of CREA’s, most valued member.


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